Cloud Boy Jumper

4.7 ( 4567 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 어드벤처 아케이드
开发 Hi Rawr Studios, Corp.

Boy goes cloud jumping to find his dog and best friend one last time.

How to Play:
Tap Left to jump to nearest left cloud
Tap Right to jump to the nearest right cloud
Avoid all enemies to stay alive
Tapping gains you a bit of time to keep going

Power ups:
Yellow Balloons give you invincibility.
Red Balloons give you more time/hp.

To the Moon!

** Artwork & Atribution **

Artwork & Design: by Alvin Redulla

Sound Effects: by

Music: Evoeon Music Pack - Part 5 by Brian Pressley and Alex Pressley

Artwork: Origami Bird by Jozef Krajčovič

Artwork: Forest Theme by © 2012-2013 Julien Jorge @